Neuronal wiring diagrams at synaptic resolution

Our team members created the AI behind two landmark achievements in neuroscience. The FlyWire Consortium has released the first neuronal wiring diagram of an adult brain. With over 105 neurons and 108 synapses, the Drosophila brain is a clear leap beyond the 300 neurons of the C. elegans nervous system mapped in the 1980s. The MICrONS Consortium has released a reconstruction of a cubic millimeter of cerebral cortex. These achievements in petascale connectomics were enabled by our AI technologies, which are now being made accessible to all neuroscientists.

We reconstruct neuronal wiring diagrams by processing electron microscopic images that are sharp enough to reveal every brain cell in fantastic detail, including synapses and other organelles. Our computational pipeline applies multiple 3D convolutional nets to datasets as large as a petavoxel. We are applying our pipeline to accelerate research in neuroscience labs around the world.

We are also a key player in BRAIN CONNECTS, one of the three transformative projects of the US BRAIN Initiative. BRAIN CONNECTS is an ambitious ten-year project to map a whole mouse brain at synaptic resolution, turning the dream of exascale connectomics into reality.

A human brain would yield a zettabyte of data, if imaged at electron microscopic resolution. That means 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes.